bespoke order

Choose from a wide range of base designs and have a unique pair of shoes tailored just for you.

Timeline: please note that each stage of the order will take place at the following trunk show. This is because every pair of HOSHINO shoes is hand-made for each customer at our Tokyo atelier.

Example: orders placed at the September 2021 trunk show will have their respective trial fittings at the December 2021 trunk show, with the expected completion and pick-up at the February 2022 trunk show at the earliest.

Pricing (tax included):

shoe (+ design, material, options) $3,300

+ last $3,320 *no charge for subsequent pairs (design permitting)

* Price may vary depending on design, material, and options

* Turnaround for subsequent pairs: expected completion at the following trunk show

* Above prices are for US orders only. Turnaround times are estimates; actual completion time may vary.

* Minimum deposit greater than 70% of order price required at time of order.

order example