Stingray Slingbacks




hand crafted for M. M.

292,600 JPY (tax included)

(shoe last, trial fitting, counseling 108,900 JPY; slingbacks 101,200 JPY; leather upgrade 38,500 JPY; stingray white diamond option 44,000 JPY)

[bigtoeadjustment, toplineadjustment, leftrightdistinction]

Ms. M's right foot is slightly wider than her left, with a high instep; as a result she often has issues with chafing with ready-to-wear shoes. To compensate for the differences between her left and right feet, we designed her last with more room in the instep of her right foot. The distinctive white diamond mark in the center of the stingray leather has been traditionally prized as a symbol of fortune. As there is only 1 diamond mark on each stingray, we utilized 2 separate stingray pelts--one for each foot--to craft a luxurious pair featuring the diamond mark on both the left and right.