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Commitment to Craftsmanship

the art of shoemaking 

Equal parts form and function.

HOSHINO, the Japanese maison, brought to you by shoemaker Shunji Hoshino.

Sophisticated materials and delicate hand crafting, all exquisitely tailored to each pair of feet.

Bespoke shoes crafted from a custom last: you'll see shoes in a whole new light.

Welcome to the one and only world of HOSHINO. We think you'll like it here.

The World of Shoe-making

HOSHINO's Commitment to Craftsmanship

Each pair of HOSHINO shoes is carefully hand-crafted by our shoemakers. 
They skillfully utilize various tools and machines to create as beautiful a pair as possible.

From Sketch to Reality

Converting the design you envisioned into a three-dimensional last; drawing up a paper pattern; then combining them to assemble an actual shoe from leather: this is the process of shoemaking. As a deviation of just a few millimeters or the distortion of a single line can completely change the final form, shoemakers work tirelessly to perfect their design-craft.

The Pursuit of Beauty Through Craftsmanship

The machine pictured here, a band knife, is used to pare down the leather that wraps around the heel. As the shape of the heel is quite curved, it is essential to take into account the firmness and elasticity of the leather when managing the thickness in order to avoid uneven areas when wrapping. By making meticulous adjustments in 0.1mm increments, shoemakers can achieve a smoothly wrapped heel.

Working with Leather

The cutting of the leather is one of the most important steps in the shoemaking process. Leathers have a flow to their fibers, and it's not always in a singular direction. Natural blemishes are unavoidable. There are significant differences to suppleness and thickness as well. In order to make use of such varying leathers, we must fully understand the characteristics of the textile by discerning via sight and touch, before finally making decisive cuts.

Steady Hands, Careful Techniques

This sewing machine uses #18 size needles. Although it's quite unwieldy at first and takes considerable time to master, it's a reliable sewing machine that becomes and extension of each shoemaker's individuality. Our shoemakers can sew with precision by paying careful attention to the pitch, thread tension, and positioning as they deliberately place each and every stitch.