the art of shoemaking
Equal parts form and function.

HOSHINO, the Japanese maison, brought to you by shoemaker Shunji Hoshino.

Sophisticated materials and delicate hand crafting, all exquisitely tailored to each pair of feet.

Bespoke shoes crafted from a custom last: you'll see shoes in a whole new light.

Welcome to the one and only world of HOSHINO. We think you'll like it here.

Product lineup

[men's] Liberte - low-top sneakers - combination toe white x grey elephant
[men's] Liberte - low-top sneakers - burgundy x gray patina calfskin
[men's] Liberte - low-top sneakers - combination tongue black and white crocodile
[men's] oxford full brogues - navy
[men's] derby plain-toes - dark brown
[men's] cap-toe oxfords - black
[men's] penny loafers - brown
[men's] chukka boots - brown