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A Visit from Tao Tsuchiya

A Visit from Tao Tsuchiya

We had a visit from actress Tao Tsuchiya at the HOSHINO workshop the other day.

Ms. Tsuchiya found something that caught her eye, and placed an order for a pair of HOSHINO shoes.

She is just as bright and bubbly in person as she is in the media.

Ms. Tsuchiya's infectious cheer had us all smiling as well.

Throughout the ordering process, we got to hear about her passion for shoes as we took careful measurements and had her try on shoes for sizing. 

After taking care of the sizing and overall silhouette, next came the design options.

Picking out each option, from the leather material and color, to the heel design and so on, is a delight only possible through bespoke shoes.

There's no doubt that these shoe will truly reflect her uniqueness. 

Although it will take around half a year to complete, our shoemakers will work put their all into crafting a perfect pair of shoes for Ms. Tsuchiya.