Rentals for Media

HOSHINO offers rentals for stylists, press coverage, and other media-related occasions. We provide both free rentals in exchange for credited coverage, as well as designs customized to your specifications. Please refer to the details below.

For inquiries regarding product endorsements, brand coverage, or other media coverage, please contact us using the form below. We will confirm the inquiry and get back to you as quickly as possible.
We will confirm the inquiry and get back to you as quickly as possible.

●Rental Guidelines

▽Quick Rentals

  • Available on normal days of store operation (not available Sundays and Mondays due to store closure)
  • Sizing: 37.5 D (JP 23.5cm); selected designs also available in JP 22~24.5cm
  • Rental period: 1 week
  • Loss of rental item: renter bears 100% of cost
  • Scratches, dirt, other damage: renter bears corresponding amount following inspection

▽Rental Fees

Free Rental
・Please consult us regarding social media posts or other endorsements *Examples:
Creating a tagged Instragram post
Official appearance in a posting on our website
Other endorsements (depending on the medium)

Paid Rental
・30% of product's selling price
*Details vary; please consult us regarding specific media.

▽Placing an Order

Product completion will take approximately 2~3 months following initial consultation
*Consultation available, depending on specific media.

input Contact Person.
input Industry.
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input Name of Publication or Social Media Account.
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