Tassel Loafers [BESPOKE]


tassel loafers

calf hair


hand crafted for Y. H.

$4,145 (plus tax)

(shoe last, trial fitting, counseling $1,800; plain loafers $1,618; tassels $273; leather upgrade $455)

[bigtoeadjustment, toplineadjustment, leftrightdistinction]

Ms. H had a tough time picking out shoes due to the difference in size between her left and right feet. We chose distinct base lasts for each foot and made adjustments along the big toe in order to alleviate nay discomfort, allowing for a fantastic fit. We also raised the frontal area of the last to prevent the toenail from rubbing against the inside of the shoe while walking. Carefully accented by the gentle sway of the tassels, the elegant color of the calf hair blends perfectly with Ms. H's chic wardrobe.