Patina Crocodile Sneakers

patina crocodile sneakers

Niloticus crocodile

patina-dyed (yellow)

hand crafted for Y. I.

1061,500 JPY (tax included)

(shoe last, trial fitting, counseling 108,900 JPY [99,000 JPY before tax]; crocodile sneakers 897,600 JPY [816,000 jpy before tax]; patina-dying 55,000 JPY (50,000 JPY before tax])


This pair was lavishly crafted from top quality Niloticus crocodile leather, and meticulously hand-dyed by our shoemakers to achieve a patina.

The opening of the sneaker was tailored in line with the ankle; the overall silhouette was adjusted to take this into account as well.
Ms. I opted for sunflower yellow, the perfect color for her bubbly disposition. This yellow hue has just a hint of orange, and gives a feeling of gentle dignity.