Pointed-toe Flats [ROYAL]


pointed-toe flats

pink suede

Fenêtre embellishment

hand crafted for M. M.

$8,799 (plus tax)

(shoe last, trial fitting, counseling $6,654; brooch embellishment $709; flats $1,436)

[shoelasttailoring, toplineadjustment]

Ms. M has small narrow feet, and typically wears 20-20.5cm shoes.
Using a well-received design from our spring summer 2020 collection as a base, we crafted a timelessly beautiful pair of flats.

Her last was designed with a smaller heel in order to provide a more secure fit for slim feet. The line below the arch was raised by 2mm on the right foot and 3mm on the left foot in order to provide more support from below, and to prevent her heel from slipping out.
The short-pile pink suede is imported from Italy, and is incredibly soft. The embellishment on the upper is a one-of-a-kind piece, made to order by a jewelry designer from materials imported from France.