Almond-toe T-strap D'Orsay Pumps [ROYAL]

almond-toe T-strap d'Orsay pumps


black lace

hand crafted for M.S.

$8,454 (plus tax)

(shoe last, trial fitting, counseling $6,654; T-strap pumps $1,800)

[originaldesign, shoelasttailoring, originalmaterials]

The real appeal of a Royal Order is creating a truly one-of-a-kind pair of shoes.

Ms. S was in search of a pair to go with a beautiful lace dress; we designed her order from the ground up.

After viewing the actual dress, we arranged several complementing samples of lace for her consideration. We used soft suede on the base together with the chosen lace on the upper for a chic look.

Additional lace detailing around the edge of the topline makes this a lavish masterpiece.

90mm heels can put considerable stress on the toes, so we tailored the last to the base of the big toe.