Pointed-toe Patina Pumps [ROYAL] | ORDER MADE SHOES HOSHINO

Pointed-toe Patina Pumps [ROYAL]

patina pumps

baby calfskin

patina-dyed (blue x navy)

curve-cut top line detail

hand crafted for H.I. 

$6,475 (tax included)

(shoe lasts, trial fitting, counseling: $5,680; patina pumps $795)

[heelheightadjustment, shoelasttailoring]

With a HOSHINO Royal Order, you can adjust the height of the heels in increments of 5mm.

We tailored this pair to 80mm to accommodate Ms. I’s request to make the heels as tall as possible.

Depending on the height of the heel, the arch of the foot can warp and induce more pressure on the toes. We carefully check for any such concerns during the trial fitting and fine-tune accordingly.

After a total of two trial fittings, we were pleased to hand over the finished product.