[women's] sizing sneakers (FULL REFUND)
[women's] sizing sneakers (FULL REFUND)

Men / Sneakers

[women's] sizing sneakers (FULL REFUND)

Sizing shoes used for checking the fit for sneakers. As different lasts are used for men's and women's shoes, there may be differences in fit and comfort even for shoes of the same size.

Please read the fitting service page thoroughly before placing your order.
*Sizing shoes have been sterilized and disinfected before delivery.
*Sizing shoes are not finished products, and some details may differ from that of the final product.
*Please contact us should you have any questions.

[Returns & Refunds]

Sizing shoes must be returned with receipt within 10 days or delivery. Should you have any difficult with the return process, we recommend that you visit us to try on shoes in-store.

In the cases below, deposit will be fully charged with no refund under any circumstances. Sizing shoes must be returned regardless.
*Return is delayed without prior notice or the return window has passed.
*Returned sizing shoes are missing or incomplete
*Significant damage or discoloration, regardless of intention or negligence 

HOSHINO 1st edition
low-top sneakers (for sizing only)
-upper: French calfskin (France/white)
-lining: French calfskin (France/oak)
-laces: flat cotton (Japan)
-insole: cowhide (Italy)
-outsole: custom rubber

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