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Himalayan Crocodile

In Japan, crocodile skin is the “creme de la creme” of leathers.

Among them is Himalayan crocodile, whose off-white grayish hues remind one of melting mountain snow.

The unique and delicate patterns of the material are all natural, as the leather has not been colored.

Since dye cannot cover any natural damage, only the highest quality of raw hides are selected.

Only a tenth of the crocodile skins meet these standards.

The patterns, texture, and nuanced coloration of Himalayan crocodile give it a singular beauty. It's always fascinating to behold.


The luxury of a pair in Himalayan crocodile is the luxury of quality and rarity.

Crocodile leather is ten times stronger than cow leather.


Its thick protective skin is strong and durable, yet light and flexible, making it perfect to work with.

With its natural beauty and elegance, combined with its durability and comfort, Himalayan crocodile is the most luxurious gift you can give yourself.

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