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Gift Cards & Bespoke Cards

The perfect gift? Their new favorite pair.

Show them how you feel with a gift card or bespoke order ticket from custom shoe brand HOSHINO.
That special someone deserves a pair of shoes that's every bit as special as they are.
Brighten their day with a one and only pair, crafted with care by our shoemakers.

There's nothing like the luxury of a HOSHINO order.

HOSHINO's dedicated shoemakers meticulously hand-tailor every custom pair to each customer's feet.
From pumps, loafers, and boots to men's shoes, our extensive lineup also includes unisex sneakers.

Classic timeless designs put top-quality leathers in their best light. Careful post-pickup maintenance ensures each beloved pair stands the test of time.

Our tranquil flagship doubles as our shoe workshop, for an unprecedented shopping experience.

A great-fitting pair of custom-made shoes for everyday wear will change your life. Of course, they're the perfect choice for luxurious special occasions as well.

Ordering Process

With HOSHINO, you'll visit us several times for initial measurement and fittings.

Shoes will be ready for pick-up 2-6 months after order placement
(time for pick-up varies depending on the type of order).

① Initial Visit / Ordering
At our extraordinary flagship, an experienced shoe professional will carefully measure your feet. Behind glass doors, our team of shoemakers craft each pair in full view.
Mix and match from a wide array of materials, colors, and designs--possible only with custom-made shoes.
② Trial Fitting (*when using a customized wooden last)
2-3 months after order placement, we will ready a pair of "test shoes" based on your wooden last.
We check the actual fit of your shoe. This trial fitting process allows us to confirm the final fit.
③ Pick-up
2-3 months after order placement/trial fitting, your shoes will be ready for pick-up. After one final fitting, we perform any necessary adjustments to fine-tune the fit.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, HOSHINO is happy to help.

* To purchase a gift card, please make a reservation for "New Order Counseling."
* Gift cards are available in increments of 10,000 yen per card (minimum purchase: 1 card). 
* Bespoke cards are available from 198,000 yen per card (includes cost of wooden last + standard design).
* Please note that change is not provided when using a gift card or bespoke card for purchase.
* Expiration date applies for gift cards and Bespoke cards.