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Bespoke Order: One-of-a-kind Sneakers Just for You

In July 2020, HOSHINO launched our sneaker line.
When you wear the best, it'll last.
HOSHINO sneakers are meticulously hand crafted from the finest materials, one pair at a time.
With a simple timeless design and minimalist silhouette, they've made quite a stir since their introduction.

HOSHINO sneakers are available in one width.

We have a wide range of lengths (EU sizing), and the sneaker is designed with a roomy width for a comfortable fit.

By adjusting the fit with laces, our sneakers can be worn comfortably even with approximate sizing. However, customers with exceedingly unique feet may wish to consider crafting a shoe last via Bespoke Order.

As a bespoke shoe brand, it behooves us to recommend our customers with small heels, long toes, wide feet, or other areas of concern try a Bespoke Order in order to craft shoes from a tailored last.

A Bespoke Order you to select the materials and coloring of your sneaker to customize to your heart's content.

Schedule an in-store consultation to learn more about Bespoke Orders any time.