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Now Accepting Orders for Men's Shoes

Gentlemanly elegance, from HOSHINO
Each pair of our pumps is exquisitely tailored to our customers' feet.
Since its establishment in 2014, HOSHINO has been committed to craftsmanship and has bring the world of bespoke shoes to our customers.
In 2021, we continue to uphold our commitment to craftsmanship with our new line of men's shoes.

Cap-toe Oxfords

A cap-toe oxford is always the correct choice for a neat, formal look.

Oxford Full Brogues

A striking oxford with full broguing.

Derby Plain-toes

Plain-toe derby shoes with a solid rustic charm.

Penny Loafers

Our loafers truly embody our philosophies at HOSHINO; they're the perfect choice when you can't decide what to wear.

Chukka Boots

HOSHINO's debut collection of men's shoes wouldn't be complete without classic ankle-high chukka boots.。