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Cheville - Gravel Stingray

2020SS collection


Gray Stingray x Sky Blue Suede

Lose yourself in the singular sensation of walking barefoot on the beach: the soft ocean tide flowing over hard grainy sand.

Gravel gray stingray on the toes and clear blue suede on the heel come together like the tide on the shore in this beautiful d'Orsay pump.

As the name Cheville (French for "ankle") would suggest, the elegant ankle strap is a chic accent point.

Saint Catherine Labouré was born southeast of Paris, in a small farming village on the border of Cote d'Or and Yonne in Burgundy, a major wine producing region.

These shoes conjure evoke of young Catherine walking along the gray gravel path, listening to the murmurs of the river Bornand flowing alongside and the winery leaves rustling in the wind.



・6mm ankle-strap

・d'Orsay pumps

・tailored hole-punching for ankle-strap available

・toe design, heel height tailored for each specific last

・sample design: pointed toe; 90mm middle heel