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à la plage - Ice Blue Suede x Gray Stingray

2021SS collection 

à la plage: stingray combination

stingray line-cut combination pumps; 75mm heel

The white waves of the Aegean Sea crashing on the shore in the spring.

Sharply tailored lines formed by the stingray accents show HOSHINO's craftsmanship to great effect.

French for "at the beach," à la plage combines refreshing ice blue suede with tranquil gray stingray--an archival color.

Elegantly color-coordinated, the matching chunky heel is surprisingly light and makes this pair incredibly easy to wear.

・ice blue suede

・gray stingray

・line-cut combination pumps

・toe design, heel height tailored to each specific last

・sample design: pointed toe; 75mm chunky heel