Patina Crocodile Sneakers [ROYAL]

patina crocodile sneakers

Niloticus crocodile

patina-dyed (pink)

hand crafted for Mr. A

$21,489 (plus tax)

(shoe last, trial fitting, counseling $6,654; crocodile sneakers $14,835)

[originalpatinacolor, shoelasttailoring]

Dying Niloticus crocodile leather a unique color is a privilege reserved for Royal Orders.

Mr. A decided on a tranquil pink, a laid-back hue that’s received increasing attention over the past few years.
This muted pink patina is both mature and mischievous, and a first for HOSHINO.

The distinctly textured scales of top-quality Niloticus crocodile leather beautifully bring out the nuances of the pink hue.