Collection: Patine / men's

Projecting life-size self in rich coloring.
Originality painted with playfulness.

Coloring full of joy

Patine is a French word for “rust”.
The dyeing technique to layer dyes on leather to create unique gradation is widely accepted in the Men's shoes industry.
Patine dyeing has become one of the masterpieces which represent HOSHINO in a blink of an eye after its first appearance in the collection in 2018.
Let’s praise yourself for being yourself.
As we provide more and more collections, our craftsmen have trained their painting skills and created a variety of  joyful color palettes.
When you see antique furniture, you notice profound color fade-out, luster due to aging. And wavering brushwork just like a water-color painting.
Patine dyeing can fleetingly express them and infuse a soul of beauty into shoes of HOSHINO with delicate silhouette.
We have re-interpreted colour palettes used in collections in the past, now for our sneakers. 
We focused on shading of colors when lit by light, and created an exquisite balance in which liveliness and quietness are mixed together.
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