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Peculiar texture, natural and vivid coloring.
Heart pounds at the real leather with real presence.

Crocodile Leather

Despite the thick, solid texture, crocodile leather gets lustrous and flexible to fit your feet as you wear.  
HOSHINO uses Nile crocodile leather for the purpose of giving elegant feelings. Individual difference of each crocodile makes your shoes one of a kind.
You will be amazed by the presence of real leather, and how elongated scales of crocodile with perforation are arranged in an orderly manner.

Elephant Leather

Its richly grained texture gives an impression that it is rugged and rough. 
Once you put your hand on it, you will be amazed by how soft and smooth it feels.
Elephant leather, due to its excellent durability and resistance to scratch, might be one of the most suitable materials for shoes. 


The biggest characteristic of ostrich leather is a “quill mark”, which are marks on leather made by goose’s rachis.
Shoes with its whole upper part covered with quill marks draws envy stares.
Ostrich leather is just right for the concept of our sneaker as it is more flexible and light compared with other exotic leathers.
You will certainly feel the shoes fit your feet  from the first time you wear them.
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