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Pursuing “the beauty of simplicity”
Overwhelmed by the dignity in monochrome

Inspiration from ZEN spirit

Inspired by ZEN which is the spirit that shaved off waste and pursued for “the beauty of simplicity”, we created the design for HOSHINO's 1st sneaker.
The silhouette we are particular about details, and the tailoring with leather gathered from all over the world.
The curve line from  Buddha bowl that monks treat carefully gives the inspiration for the design of sneakers.  
It is said that making truly simple shoes is the most difficult as its manufacturing  process is much more complex than the one of complicated shoes.
Grained, beautiful cow skin with a soft reflection of light.
Delicate stitch that does not interfere with the charm of leather.
Lining that fits your feet from your first wearing like a well-used baseball glove.

Please enjoy our craftsmanship in detail that merge into simplicity.
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