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Galuchat Promotion (Spring 2022)

The trees begin to sprout new leaves,

and the warmer weather makes you want to go out in style. 

 How about adding to your elegance with a new pair in Galuchat? 

 This month, we are holding a Galuchat promotion.

Ordering a pair from our stingray collection in May

can get you as much as a ¥10,000 discount.

Galuchat Promotion details

From May 1st to May 31st, we are offering:

• a ¥5,000 discount on stingray combination pumps,

• a ¥10,000 discount on full stingray pumps.

Campaign location:
Ginza Flagship Store

*We also offer a 50% discount on your new last
if this is your second and new order with the Bespoke menu