Holiday Special

-2021 Holiday Special-

As the days grow colder,

We hope you're keeping warm and well.

It's our pleasure to introduce this year's holiday special.

This season, treat yourself and your loved ones to a little reward


Receive a free pair of HOSHINO shoe trees with any new shoe order of 230,000yen or more. Returning customers qualify with orders of 160,000yen.

*Both men's and women's shoe orders are eligible.

Period of validity:December 1st-December 27th

【Shoe Trees】

Did you know that we sweat as much as a glass of water in one day? When that moisture gets left in leather shoes, it can make the leather harden or lose its shape, or it may leave an odor.

A wooden shoe tree absorbs and removes moisture while smoothing wrinkles. Regular use helps maintain the shoe's proper shape.

What's more, using shoe trees can even restore shoes that have warped from continuous wear.

It's natural for leather to show signs of wear from years of use.

But proper care and storage will allow your shoes to age with grace.

Treat yourself to a newly-crafted pair you'll cherish for the new year, and for many more to come.