HOSHINO Shoe Care Maintenance Special: Enjoy Spring to the Fullest

The sun shining; spring just around the corner.

Have you been keeping up your shoe care in preparation for the coming season? 

We hold this shoe care maintenance special pretty regularly, but this marks the first time since moving to our new Ginza location.

Our modest shoe-making studio on Namiki-dori street.

Drop by for a consultation, where you can view our shoe-makers at work.

Genuine leather shoes are a no-no on rainy days.

All the more reason to be prepared for sudden downpours.

For this shoe care maintenance special, we're pleased to offer a water-repellant spraying ahead of the upcoming rainy season.

*Depending on leather type or condition, some shoes may be ineligible

We eagerly await you at our new Ginza Flagship--for shoe care maintenance, or anything else.


▶︎Make a reservation at HOSHINO during the months of April or May and receive 1 repair/shoe care service free.

・toe repair (repair the toebox area and reinforce the sole)

・replace heel toplift (replace the rubber heel cap)

・replace lining (replace the lining of the shoe)

・polishing (clean off blemishes; moisturize the leather material)

・heel repair (repair apparent damage to the heel)

 *depending on the condition of the shoe we may need to keep your shoes for a short time while we complete the repairs