Every woman deserves to wear beautiful shoes.

It's our mission to make sure shoes fit the person.

"I can never find shoes that work for me." "I've never worn heels." Does this sound like you?

You only live once. So why not live to the fullest in a pair of incredible heels?

HOSHINO stands apart as one of the only brands in the world to offer fully bespoke handcrafted shoes for women.

Designed to perfection from shoe lasts.

From counseling and taking measurements, to constructing the last and design, to the trial fitting process, crafting process, all the way to the final fitting: our shoemakers complete each step with care. 

Our process includes two pairs of shoes: the trial shoes and the final product. This allows you to check and confirm the fit during the trial fitting, before the shoes are complete.

Let us show you how shoes are made, our way.


shoe last / 108,900円(tax included) *first pair only (no charge for second pair onward) 

 shoes / 86,900円~(tax included) *actual price will vary by design

turnaround first pair: 120 days - *including construction of last / trial fitting process

   second pair: 60 days - *time frame is approximate

trial fitting available *final product delivery after completion of trial fitting via custom trial shoes

adjustments and repairs adjustments free of charge; all repairs available

sizes and widths 30-42 EU (19.0-28.0cm) / AAA-F *tailored in 1mm increments

outsole adjustment available *flat-footed, high arches, differences in leg length

additional initialing, cloth dust bag, house-call service, pick-up service available