Discover the perfect pair for a life of luxury.

Truly one-of-a-kind shoes, made possible through the unparalleled craftsmanship of our shoemakers.

Your desires, made real.

With a Royal Order, we create your shoe last from scratch, allowing for an even better fit than can be achieved through tailoring a base last (as in the Bespoke Course). 

Heel height adjustments available in 5mm increments. Make the shoes of your dreams a reality, designed from scratch with our shoemakers.

From the silhouette of the toe shape, to the look of the upper, down to the leathers used, every detail is up to you.

Exclusive Extras

We offer a wealth of additional benefits: access to off-menu leather materials, patina dying in the color of your choice, special out-call services, your dedicated shoemaker, and priority access to our newest offerings.


489,500円~(tax included)

price includes one pair of shoe lasts (including trial fitting process) and one pair of basic shoes

design shoe last designed from scratch, with every detail tailored to your need and requests

turnaround first pair: 120 days - *including construction of last / trial fitting process

   second pair: 60 days - *time frame is approximate

   *express crafting available upon request

trial fitting available *final product delivery after completion of trial fitting via custom trial shoes

adjustments and repairs adjustments free of charge; all repairs available

sizes and widths 30-42 EU (19.0-28.0cm) / AAA-F *tailored in 1mm increments

outsole adjustment available *flat-footed, high arches, differences in leg length

additional initialing, cloth dust bag, out-call service, pick-up service available